Boost your customer base and build loyalty with Lyzi

Crypto payment, loyalty and cashback programs,
creation of your own token

paiement en crypto

Lyzi is awarded the FinTech Finance Innovation label

A payment super app

Crypto payment




The payment revolution

The first 100% French mobile crypto payment solution

From the free super-app, your customers will be able to pay in shop and online in crypto-currencies.


• Every day, as a traditional tele-collection, you receive directly € on your PRO account.

• The mobile app allows you to be geolocated and opens the possibility to interact with your customers.

0€ transaction fees

How does it work?

Payment choice

The customer choose the crypto which he wants to pay with. He writes the amount in € into the application. The App generates a QR code to be presented at the checkout.


Start of the transaction 

To start the transaction, the retailer scan the QR code. Lyzi checks the wallet balance and instantly validates the crypto-currency payment.


End of the transaction 

Every day the retailer receive a transfer in €.

paiement en crypto

Create your own loyalty program


Customised program

New customers


WIN - WIN relationship

Boost your business to bring to your customers new high value features

Cashback up to 5%.

A 5% cashback financed by the application and not by the retailer.

Increase the frequency of visits to your shop with Lyzi and activate an additional reward lever for your customers.

Expand your customer base

Use the strength of Lyzi and your loyalty program to acquire new customers with high purchasing power.

How does it work ?

Creation of a loyalty program

Create your loyalty program with points or stamps and publish a geo-localised offer.

Benefit from a cross-channel marketing module (Email, SMS, Push in APP, Whatsapp, Messenger) and a back office for management and statistics.

Retailer’s app

Scan your customer’s QR code and credit or debit their points when they check out.


Reward your customers on the basis of the number of visits and/or points so they return to your store regularly.


Have you ever wondered about creating your own currency ?

Engage your customers around your brand by encouraging them to own your currency. Develop engagement patterns around your currency.

For all types of business

Self - employed

Lyzi pro interface on smartphone or tablet for payment acceptance and sales tracking.


Provision of a dedicated retailer APP to facilitate acceptance.


Integration of the Easy2Play Payment (Global P.O.S) connector into your POS system or API integration.

Web site

Lyzi ecommerce SDK integration: simple, fast and secure.

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