Crypto payment simplified


Thanks to our Lyzi Pay, it is very simple for your customers to make their payments in crypto-currencies, but also very easy for you to integrate them with your accouting.

paiement en crypto

Why accept payment in crypto-currency ?



New clients

Competitive advantage

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The crypto payment app Lyzi

New customers

With this new feature in your business, attract a whole new clientele, young, connected, with a high purchasing power.

Diversity of assets

The Lyzi Pay application allows your customers to use more than 20 different crypto-assets to pay for their purchases.

No volatility risk

You can choose to receive payment in crypto or fiat currency.

Fast and secure payments

The confirmation of the payment is instantaneous. Once validated, it is guaranteed.

Cashback up to 5%

Up to 5% cashback to your customers for each purchase, 100% financed by the application.

A benefit they will appreciate.

paiement en crypto
Les cryptomonnaies sont-elles l'avenir du paiement ?

How does Lyzi Pay work?

4 main steps
  1. Create your profile and identify yourself with a KYB (Know Your Business).
  2. Download the Lyzi Pro application or connect your register to our network.
  3. Scan the user’s QR code to validate the payment.
  4. Receive daily payments to your bank account with 0% commission, in fiat currency or crypto.

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